Vivekananda College library

The advent of printing in 15th century Europe raised the human civilization to a majestic climax. Power of printed words began to dominate the scholarly world. The art of printing proved useful as it facilitated the circulation of useful books. Lucien Favre in his The Making of a Book showed how the books necessitated the creation of libraries. Eventually, the libraries became the treasure chest of knowledge, reflecting many voices of the civilization.
In modern times, the library has become the most essential part of any citadel of learning. Vivekananda College is no exception. The college library reflects a fascinating combination of tradition and modernity. The library houses about 40,000 books on literature, history, philosophy, science, social science, commerce and management. It also boasts of a number of manuscripts. Although the library gives priority to its collection, it does not ignore modern technology. The entire library has recently been computerized and digitized and it has offered Inflibnet facility to all stakeholders. The library also has a spacious reading room, which is not a common sight in most undergraduate colleges. The library runs with the mission of imparting wisdom with human values to all students.

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