From the principal’s desk

Vivekananda College is one of the pioneer educational institute in the south western fringe of the city of Kolkata to inculcate value-based and principled education among the young population of a vast stretch of area. Nurturing students by a bunch of experienced, knowledge packed and energetic teachers is the strongest and the most valuable resource of Vivekananda College. Laboratories are well equipped with all necessary and best quality instruments and are controlled by well trained attendants. Our library is the best among the similar establishments, both in book resource and its ambience. Vivekananda College stated sailing in a definite direction on 21.08.1950, with subjects, viz. English, History, Bengali, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Within a short spell of time, huge student pressure as well as demand for opening of newer subjects forced the then authority to expand the academic periphery of the college. As a consequence, new departments such as Computer Science, Journalism, Statistics and Electronics were established. Recently, in 2008, we have marched further one step and as a result two more feathers were added to our crown. We received subject affiliation from Calcutta University in Biochemistry and Environmental Science. Biochemistry Honours course is taught in five or six colleges only under Calcutta University. The most unique feature is that we are the only college who offers Environmental Science Honours course under Calcutta University.

We are always thinking in positive direction and our approach is holistic. A couple of years back we have accepted the challenge to spread our knowledge resource to much more higher scale. As a result, now we are offering a number of Post-Graduate Degree and Diploma courses under the affiliation of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Vidyasagar University. At present, all the three, i.e. M.A, M.Sc. & M.Com courses are operating in full swing in our college campus.

Our students are not always bogged in class lectures. Besides regular classes, we organize seminars & workshops for students in collaboration with other renowned institutes/NGO on recent social problems, political issues, scientific and technological developments, environmental awareness etc. We also arrange debate competitions, quiz competitions, seminar lecture competitions etc., as well as cultural competition and outdoor & indoor game competition for our students throughout the year. Our teachers are very pragmatic in arranging educational tours. Many of our Science and Humanities departments regularly visit various parts of India as well West Bengal with their students. These tours not only help our students to fulfill their course requirements but also help themselves to know the multi-lingual Indian culture.

A nation cannot stand with head high without discipline. Two of our teachers sacrifice their valuable time for building the sense of patriotism, nationalism and social bondage among the students through, organizing National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS). The number of participates in these programmes i.e. NCC & NSS are rising day by day remarkably.

Vivekananda College caters the students from all sections of our society, particularly socially and economically backward students as well as minority class students are looked after with special care. The strong bondage among the teachers, students and employees of the college is our main source of inspiration for marching forward with definite goal and determination. Days will be coming soon when Vivekananda College will be the best among all.

Thanks to all.
Dr. Tapan Kr. Podder